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Communicate, Collaborate, Connect, Welcome to Text-Talk
The perfect cross-server phone

One of the fastest new ways of connecting servers. Fast, simple, calling allows servers to talk easily with special phone numbers and the 3 chat rooms that are automatically moderated make interconnecting servers effortless along with voicemail.

On demand Radio with a variety of genres available 24/7 so everyone can listen together! Streams in the voice channel at high quality and live so every guild is synced!

We here at Text-Talk believe helpful staff is the best part of a Discord Bot and is the most important reason to invite our bot. We help with any situations in the support server which you can join here
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Reknown is a multi-purpose bot created to support automation for your server. The default prefix is ?, and is customizable. If you ever forget the prefix for the bot, you can always use it's mention as a prefix to set it again. Reknown comes with level system, logging system, starboard, and more. Of course, most of these features are optional and can be toggled on/off. If you ever discover an idea for the bot, you can use the command ?suggest to send it to the Discord server. If you discover a bug, feel free to either join the Discord Server and report it or DM me directly. Have any questions, again join the Discord server or DM me!
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I am a mathematics Discord bot with simplicity in mind. I was made mainly for homework help. My purpose is to solely help you with your homework and things like that, and as the bot name suggests, it is meant to help you with your mathematics. Of course, I come with little bells and whistles, such as music capabilities, but my main function is to… be a calculator, to say the least. In the near future, maybe I’ll have things like quizzes/tests, exercises, homework! My purpose then won’t just be a calculator, but an educator, and that is what I aspire to be. Then again, I need to make sure I am as easy to use as possible, which is why I made sure everything looks clean and easy to read on my part. If it isn’t, just join my support server and we can figure something out. Don’t be hesitant! Only you can help me improve.