Command Description
-balance [user] Check your global balance. The currency is not real
-baltop See who has the most botcoin
-beg Earn a small amount of botcoin if you are desperate
-daily Claim your daily balance
-deposit <amount> Deposit botcoin into the bank. There is a 1% fee when depositing money. Keeps botcoin safe from being stolen
-deposit all Deposit all of your botcoin
-gamble <amount> Gamble, you have a 50/50 chance
-gamble all Gamble everything if you are feeling lucky
-pay <user> <amount> Pay someone an amount of botcoin
-steal <user> Steal some botcoin from another user
-transfer <amount> <code> Exchange currency with other supported bots using discoin
-transfer rates Check the dynamic rates for other discoin bots
-withdraw <amount> Withdraw botcoin from the bank
-withdraw all Withdraw all the botcoin from the bank
-work Earn Some Botcoin


Command Description
-8ball [question] Ask The Magic 8-Ball Something
-achievement <text> Minecraft achievement time!
-botify <message> Say Something as a bot
-cat Show a picture of a cat
-coinflip Flips A Coin
-dice Roll A Dice!
-dog Show a picture of a dog
-emojitext <message> Turn words into emojies
-guessthenumber Play Guess The Number With The Bot
-hangman Play Hangman with the bot
-madlibs Play Mad Libs
-randomcolor Generate a random color
-rockpaperscissors <answer> Play Rock Paper Scissors with the bot Ex: -rps r
-someone Adds @someone back
-tictactoe <opponent> Play tic tac toe against a friend


Command Description
-bugreport <bug> Report a bug
-credits Get a list of Contributors and other information
-help [command] Shows the help message
-info Get info about the bot
-permissionsneeded Check to see if the bot has enough permissions to function correctly
-ping Ping bot
-premium See what Premuim offers
-suggest <suggestion> Make a suggestion to add to this bot
-support Open a support ticket if you need help
-uptime Check the Uptime for the bot
-upvote reminder Turn upvote reminders on or off
-upvote Upvote Gami to get botcoin


Command Description
-botleaderboard Get the leaderboard for who uses Gami the most
-botlevel [user] Get your bot-level
-leaderboard Get the leaderboard for the leveling system
-level [user] Get your level for this server
-level addrolereward <level> <role> Add a role reward
-level help Get help with the leveling system
-level message [message] {user} = @Mention of The User {level} = Their level
-level off Turn the leveling system off
-level on Turn the leveling system on
-level removerolereward <level> Remove a role reward
-level rewards List The rewards


Command Description
-ban <user> [delete_message_days=0] [reason] Bans a User
-channelmute Mute a Channel
-idban <user_id> [reason] IDBans a User
-kick <user> [reason] Kicks a User
-mute <user> [time_muted] Mute a user
-purge [numberMessages] Purges Messages
-purge bots [numberMessages] Purge bot messages
-purge contains <content> [numberMessages] Purge messages that contain a word or phraze
-purge startswith <content> [numberMessages] Purge messages that start with something
-purge user <user> [numberMessages] Purge messages belonging to a user
-setnickname <user> [new_nick] Change The Nickname Of A User
-slowmode off [channel] Turn off slowmode
-slowmode on <cooldown> [channel] Turn on slowmode
-slowmode Turn slowmode on or off
-softban <user> [reason] Ban a user and unban's them to clear their messages
-unchannelmute Unmute a Channel
-unmute <user> Unmute a user
-warn <user> <reason> Warn a user


Command Description
-addprevious Adds the previous song to the queue
-disconnect Disconnects the player from the voice channel and clears its queue
-equalizer [gain_level] Set the equalizer level for the music. Must be between -3 (more base) and 3 (more treble)
-equalizer reset Reset the equalizer
-equalizer smileyfacepreset This setting is a Smiley face equalizer. may inprove sound quality
-find <query> Lists the first 10 search results from a given query
-lyrics <query> Find the lyrics to a given song
-nowplaying Shows some info about the currently playing song
-pause Pauses/Resumes the current track
-play <query> Searches and plays a song from a given query
-play multiplechoicetoggle Turn on multiple choice
-play soundcloud <query> Searches and plays a song from soundcloud
-playat <index> Plays the queue from a specific point
-playnow <query> Plays a song immediately
-playprevious Plays the previous song
-queue [page=1] Shows the player's queue
-queue clear Clears the queue
-queue delete <name> Deletes a saved queue
-queue load <name> Loads a saved queue
-queue save <name> Saves the current queue
-queue saved [page=1] Lists the saved queues
-remove <index> Removes an item from the player's queue with the given index
-repeat Repeats the current song or playlist until the command is triggered again
-resume Pauses/Resumes the current track
-seek <time> Seeks to a given position in a track
-seek back <time> Seeks back a given amount of time
-seek forward <time> Seeks forward a given amount of time
-shuffle Turns on Shuffle for the player's queue
-skip Skips the current track
-stop Stops the player and clears its queue
-summon Summon the bot to your voice channel
-volume [volume] Changes the player's volume. Must be between 0 and 100


Command Description
-autorole [role] Have the bot automatically give people a role as they join
-rank create <name> <role> Create a rank
-rank delete <name> Delete a rank
-rank join <name> Join a rank
-rank leave <name> Leave a rank
-rank Join or leave a rank
-ranks Show all the ranks for this server
-role [user] <role> Give or take away a role
-role add <user> <role> Give a member a role
-role remove<user> <role> Remove a member's role
-rolecolor <role> [color] Set a role color. Useful if on mobile. Accepts a hex code.
-roleinfo <role> Get info on a role


Command Description
-discriminator [user] Get Members with a matching discriminator
-history <user> Find a user's Message History
-poll Creates A Poll With Up to ten Options
-quickpoll <question> Creates A Yes Or No Poll, Ex: quickpoll Is This Bot Cool?
-shortenurl <long_url> [short_url] This command uses https://u.jlz.fun to shorten URLs.


Command Description
-avatar [user] Displays an Avatar
-channelcount Count all of the channels on the server
-invite Create an invite
-membercount Count all of the members on the server
-permissions [user] Get a user's permissions
-serverinfo Get info about the server
-userinfo [user] get info about a User


Command Description
-afk [reason] Set your status to afk, all pings you get will be forwarded to your DMs
-afk auto Turn on automatic AFK
-afk idle Turn on automatic AFK for idle
-afk offline Turn on automatic AFK for offline
-channellink link <text_channel> <voice_channel> Link a channel
-channellink unlink <voice_channel> Unlink a channel
-channellink Link channels so if someone joins a voice channel, they will get permissions to type and view messages in a text channel
-logs action [channel] Turn the action log on or off
-logs command [channel] Turn the command log on or off
-logs moderation [channel] Turn the moderation log on or off
-logs Turn Logs on or off
-module disable <name> This is to enable or disable modules. Note that it only disables commands.
-module enable <name> This is to enable or disable modules. Note that it only disables commands.
-module This is to enable or disable modules. Note that it only disables commands.
-prefix <prefix> Change the prefix for the bot
-starboard off Turn off the starboard
-starboard on [channel] Turn on the starboard
-starboard starsneeded <number_stars_needed> Set the amount of stars needed to be on the starboard
-starboard Set the starboard channel
-welcomemessage joinmessage [message] Change the join message
-welcomemessage leavemessage [message] Change the leave message
-welcomemessage Make the bot say a join message in a channel when someone joins or leaves the server


Command Description
-tag <name> Get a tag
-tag create <name> <description> Create a tag
-tag delete <name> Delete a tag
-tags List the tags