Gami is a multi-purpose Discord bot with over 130 commands that is customizable and fast. It has Moderation, Customizable Leveling, Seamless Music, Autorole, Logs, Cool Games, Welcome Messages, and much more. To see a list of commands, type -help (You can also change the prefix if you want using -prefix). Gami is constantly being updated from ideas that you can submit! So what are you waiting for, invite Gami!
Gami currently has Economy, Fun Mini-Games, Cool Leveling, Moderation, Advanced Music, Autorole, Ranks, An AFK System, Channel Linking, Logs, Welcome Messages, and Tags. The Change Log can be found Here
About Me
Hello, I am Dr. Ari Gami, the creator of Gami. I started creating this bot as a summer project, for fun, later turning into a bot I made public. I have always loved coding, and this discord bot might be one of my biggest and exciting projects I have done so far. So if you want to invite Gami click This link!
If you would like to donate, that's fantastic! However, I would just like to let you know that I am NOT in it for the money. If you have read my About Me section, you will know that I love coding, and sure enough, that is why I am coding a discord bot, for the fun of it, not for money in any way shape or form. In fact, when I reach $20 a month, I will be able to use that money to pay for better hosting for my bot, and that means it will be faster!

Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting Started

Using Gami is extremely simple, with just a few small steps, you will be able to listen to music, play little games, and much more!


  1. Make sure you are logged into discord by going to
  2. Make sure you have the Manage Server permission on the server you would like to add Gami to.
  3. Next, to invite Gami to your server, go to, select your server, and click Authorize.
  4. You may stop here, but if you would like to use the web dashboard, log in to this website by going to It will bring you to a similar page to step 3, click Authorize.
  5. Now you are free to go to the Select your server, then a setting, and start configuring Gami to your satisfaction!

Useful links


-balance [user] -baltop -beg -daily -deposit <amount> -deposit all -gamble <amount> -gamble all -pay <user> <amount> -steal <user> -withdraw <amount> -withdraw all -work
-8ball [question] -botify <message> -cat -coinflip -dice -dog -emojitext <message> -guessthenumber -hangman -madlibs -randomcolor -rockpaperscissors <answer> -someone -tictactoe <opponent>
-bugreport <bug> -credits -help [command] -info -permissionsneeded -ping -premium -suggest <suggestion> -support -uptime -upvote reminder -upvote
-botleaderboard -botlevel [user] -leaderboard -level [user] -level addrolereward <level> <role> -level help -level message [message] -level off -level on -level removerolereward <level> -level rewards
-ban <user> [delete_message_days=0] [reason] -channelmute -idban <user_id> [reason] -kick <user> [reason] -mute <user> [time_muted] -purge [numberMessages] -purge bots [numberMessages] -purge contains <content> [numberMessages] -purge startswith <content> [numberMessages] -purge user <user> [numberMessages] -setnickname <user> [new_nick] -slowmode off [channel] -slowmode on <cooldown> [channel] -slowmode -softban <user> [reason] -unchannelmute -unmute <user> -warn <user> <reason>
-addprevious -disconnect -equalizer [gain_level] -equalizer reset -equalizer smileyfacepreset -find <query> -lyrics <query> -nowplaying -pause -play <query> -play soundcloud <query> -playat <index> -playnow <query> -playprevious -queue [page=1] -queue clear -queue delete <name> -queue load <name> -queue save <name> -queue saved [page=1] -remove <index> -repeat -resume -seek <time> -seek back <time> -seek forward <time> -shuffle -skip -stop -summon -volume [volume]
-addrole <user> <role> -autorole [role] -rank create <name> <role> -rank delete <name> -rank join <name> -rank leave <name> -rank -ranks -removerole <user> <role> -roleinfo <role>
-discriminator [user] -history <user> -poll -quickpoll <question>
-avatar [user] -channelcount -invite -membercount -permissions [user] -serverinfo -userinfo [user]
-afk [reason] -afk auto -afk idle -afk offline -channellink link <text_channel> <voice_channel> -channellink unlink <voice_channel> -channellink -logs action [channel] -logs command [channel] -logs moderation [channel] -logs -prefix <prefix> -starboard off -starboard on [channel] -starboard starsneeded <number_stars_needed> -starboard -welcomemessage joinmessage [message] -welcomemessage leavemessage [message] -welcomemessage
-tag <name> -tag create <name> <description> -tag delete <name> -tags